Our Mission Trip to Asia

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Amazing ministry opportunities were given to Carol and me this past month in China and Singapore.  We are so grateful to have received invitations to preach and to teach in churches, ministry training schools, Bible colleges, and seminaries in multiple cities. This meant we were able to equip some of the best and brightest emerging Christian leaders who love the Lord and others. 
In Jieyang, China our subjects ranged from “The Most Important Tools to Have in Your Ministry Toolbox” (intimacy with the Lord, being Christ centered, Bible based, evangelistic, relationship focused, and of course, the clarity of the gospel). Carol taught the ladies, “How to Have a God-Honoring Women’s Ministry”.
In Guangzhou, China at the Guongdong Union Theological Seminary, I taught an abbreviated course on homiletics… how to preach and teach with correctness, clarity and compassion.
We had our gospel tract, “Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me?” and our follow-up booklet, “Now That You Believe” translated into simplified Chinese.  Both were heartily received by others including Christian groups who began to share them very discreetly with others.
In Singapore at the Singapore Bible College I taught a weeklong intensive course in their doctoral program on homiletics.  We titled the class Make It Clear.  But the objective was: “How To Preach, Teach, and Speak with Clarity to Change Lives for Eternity and The Glory of God”. 
This class was filled with pastors and leaders of large country-wide ministries representing seven different countries who wanted to learn how to communicate the Word of God more effectively.  As a result I have been invited to be the key-note speaker/teacher in Mongolia at one of their largest gathering of churches, and pastoral and Christian leaders. The topics will be on "How to Communicate the Word of God Clearly from a Heart in Love with Jesus Christ”.  Carol will be speaking to the women on women issues in the family and ministry.
A similar invitation has come from the Manipur Baptist Convention in Northern India.
Carol and I wish we could accept every invitation but are not able.  We can only accept those invitations that allow us the opportunity to speak to the largest groups of pastors and leaders with the intention of equipping them to do a more effective ministry in their culture.  We want to make a difference with those who want to make a difference with those who want to make a difference!
Each time Carol and I go into a different country we are impressed more and more of the need to have a training school in the United States that can fully equip and graduate students with a love for Jesus Christ and others first, with the skills to effectively minister locally, nationally, and globally to reach people in all cultures with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Carol and I can think of no better place than Florida Bible College for all this to happen. We are excited about it opening soon in Orlando, Florida.  The curriculum and the Student Life Handbook are in their final stages.  There are people praying specifically for faculty that embrace the “heart” and doctrine of FBC with the educational skill-set to provide the finest in Biblical and ministry education.
Thank you for your prayers and support as together we will reach another generation of champions for Jesus Christ!
Stan and Carol Ponz

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