Merry Christmas Florida Bible College Alumni and Friends!

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What a wonderful time of year CHRISTmas is!  If we are not overwhelmed with many seasonal activities, it gives us time to reflect on what the Lord has done in us and for us. 

This year has been a very special year in the launch of Florida Bible College.  It is easy to see the grace of God in many of the answers to prayers.  The Lord has given Florida Bible College:

  • Purpose: An authentic commitment to preparing the next generation leaders in the context of God’s grace to love Jesus Christ with all their hearts, minds, and strength lived out in loving others, which is the foundation that will equip them to take the Gospel clearly and the Word of God correctly into every person’s world.
  • Plan: A Biblically sound statement of faith expressed in a superior educational curriculum that will prepare students and graduates to stand strong, live faithfully, and communicate God’s truth compassionately and courageously in a post-modern world.
  • People: Who desire to be filled with the fullness of God and are committed to the purpose and plan of Florida Bible College as they influence the school as trustees, academic advisors, curriculum developers, and supporters of this vision. And alumni spanning many years and different campuses with a heritage of proclaiming and protecting the truths of the Gospel and God's Word.
  • Place: A church campus in Orlando, Florida, filled with a faith-family who shares the same commitment to provide a training center academically and relationally that will enhance the learning and ministry equipping needs of our student body.

Florida Bible College now has:

  • A two-year curriculum completed with the third and fourth year curriculum in development to be announced in Spring
  • A process in place to forward transcripts upon request
  • A 20,000 volume library and growing (we can always use more resources)
  • Academic and Curriculum Teams with the best and brightest Christian educators experienced in Bible College and Christian Liberal Arts academics; who also love the Lord passionately and are committed to the mission of Florida Bible College
  • An easy and confident way for people to partner with us in our purpose by praying, giving, and serving with us in the launch of Florida Bible College!

While we are so very grateful to the Lord for what He has done this past year in all our lives, it is still the giving of His Son to us from birth to the cross and ultimately the crown that we have our sins forgiven by faith in Him alone and a forever relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ!  This is what we believe, we live, we preach, we teach and defend until He comes again.

May the Lord give all of you a blessed and Merry Christmas!

Stan Ponz
Florida Bible College


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