PRAYER - We are asking the Lord to show Himself strong on our behalf so the world can see it is all His doing in reigniting the torch.  Wisdom and a sense of understanding God's will throughout the entire process is essential. 

INPUT - We are blessed to have so many "friends" of Florida Bible College who have been given insight and experience that can add value to the school's new beginning.  Therefore, your input is being welcomed and will be reviewed, prayed about, and  evaluated for current and future implementation as the Lord may lead.  It is amazing to observe how one idea leads to another and transforms into something very usable!

RESOURCES - Everyone needs resources to survive and thrive.  It is no different with businesses or ministries.  Three very valuable resources are people such as volunteers, items to support the infrastructure of the school's educational process and funds to accelerate this process to put graduates on the "field" sooner than later!

People = Someone or a team in Orlando is needed now to serve as liaison between Circle Community Church and Florida Bible College to begin the "set-up" of the school and to coordinate items being donated to the school.  Individuals who would like to serve in their areas of giftedness and talent, such as graphic arts, administration, education, music, technology, ministry development, student spiritual life and relationship development, and library assistance.  In fact, help is needed in many areas.  Perhaps what is needed most are "ambassadors" to speak well of the relighting of the FBC Torch!

Items = Library books (we all have good books that could be put back into ministry service again), office equipment (anything from new computers, printers, copier, audio visual and sound equipment to office supplies), a modular building (there is currently room on Circle Community Church's property to set a modular building to be used for much needed office space, record storage, etc ; the feasibility is being studied now)

Funds = We all know there are huge costs to plant or re-launch a ministry.  Nothing is beyond what the Lord can provide.  Dr. Cambron used to tell us, "where God guides, God provides".  And He does it through the sacrificial generosity of others.   Our biggest and most immediate financial need is to establish the office of president.  Then there are the needs of developing the actual "staff and programs" for the spiritual and academic growth of the faculty, staff and students. 

No doubt as friends and alumni of Florida Bible College we are giving resources to further the gospel.  Now, one new and essential ministry again is Florida Bible College... an institution who will serve the church to equip the next generation of servant leaders to take the gospel and the Word of God into everyone person's world with Biblical correctness, clarity, compassion, courage, and consistency.  These resources are needed now and in deferred giving portfolios.   Just imagine, we could be the next generation of "pioneers" to build Florida Bible College again!

PATIENCE - There is always the danger of moving too quickly as there is the danger of moving to slowly on the road in ministry development.  It is important to move at God's speed so we can learn every lesson He wants to teach us along this road.  

We encourage you to stay in touch and to join this journey with us as the Lord relights the torch of Florida Bible College!

Please contact us at if you can help or if you have questions.


Operating Funds  Operating Funds - $250,000
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Modular Building  Modular Building - $20,000
We are planning on putting a modular building on the Circle Community Church property to use as an office for Florida Bible College
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Computer Equipment  Computer Equipment - $15,000
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Be a montly supporter of Florida Bible College  Be a montly supporter of Florida Bible College