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Success without a God-purpose is like a pretty bow on an empty box;

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How do you measure success? Achievement? Recognition? Financial Security? Appreciation?

God has designed you for a unique purpose; a purpose so fulfilling and so rewarding that it doesn’t even seem like work. You run at peak efficiency when you hit your stride simply because He custom-built you for that purpose, and that purpose is the number one reason you are here on planet Earth at this place and time. He designed you to succeed at His purpose and to enjoy the freedom and personal fulfillment of life lived in total harmony with His will. Success is finding your God-purpose and starting to really live. Have you discovered His purpose for you?


Why A Biblical Education From Florida Bible College

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I recently read an article about a University of Virginia survey conducted in which the graduates were asked what type of education they would recommend to new students considering the careers they currently represented.  Ninety one percent of them answered that they would pursue a liberal arts degree.  It should not surprise us that this would be the answer from a secular school.


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