Success without a God-purpose is like a pretty bow on an empty box

How do you measure success? Achievement? Recognition? Financial Security? Appreciation?

God has designed you for a unique purpose; a purpose so fulfilling and so rewarding that it doesn’t even seem like work. You run at peak efficiency when you hit your stride simply because He custom-built you for that purpose, and that purpose is the number one reason you are here on planet Earth at this place and time. He designed you to succeed at His purpose and to enjoy the freedom and personal fulfillment of life lived in total harmony with His will. Success is finding your God-purpose and starting to really live. Have you discovered His purpose for you?

We, the trustees at Florida Bible College, see our purpose very clearly, and we are pursuing that purpose with a passion. We have been called by God to restart this critical training institution in order to prepare the next generation of church leaders, ministry workers, missionaries, and pastors. And we need your help.

The Privileged Position of Florida Bible College

Scripture tells us that “we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the Gospel.” The Gospel is the single most important truth that He wants people to know about Him. Think about that for a moment. (All) believers have been charged with the awesome responsibility of delivering God’s message to mankind. There is no greater honor than ministering to a lost world, while strengthening the faith, and encouraging growth in fellow believers.

Now, imagine training and shaping the hearts and souls of those future ministers who will reach the next generation. There can be no greater honor, or greater responsibility among human beings, than to be put in trust with that challenge. We want you to know that we at Florida Bible College, we take that honor, and that responsibility very seriously. We accept the urgency and the challenge.

The Challenge Presented to Florida Bible College

The spiritual fabric of our current American culture is truly being stretched, and is in some cases already threadbare. While our country was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and framework, popular culture no longer fears, obeys, or even respects God’s laws. The number of Americans who claim no religious affiliation has nearly doubled since 1990, rising from 8 to 15 percent. An increase of almost 100%!  According to R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, one of the largest on earth: “A remarkable culture-shift has taken place around us. Clearly, there is a new narrative, a post-Christian narrative, that is animating large portions of this society.” Even many of the evangelical/fundamental movements and organizations compromise their spiritual integrity and relax their standards in an effort to regain a foothold in today’s culture.

At Florida Bible College, we don’t see today’s challenges as a time to go along in order to get along; we are dedicated to producinga new generation of the spiritually strong. The body of Christ has historically thrived and grown stronger when the darkness of the world seemed impenetrable. Perhaps this is because we see more clearly the necessity for God’s power to prevail. The Light of the World can only pierce the darkness of our society. We know that Jesus is that brilliant light at the end of our current dark tunnel.

We recognize the undiminished power of the Holy Spirit as more than sufficient for the task ahead, and we see very clearly our mission to prepare and equip tomorrow’s servants and leaders for the battle ahead. What we do not recognize is compromise. We must prepare this next generation of servant leaders to pass the torch of Truth into the next generation.

We are watching and anxiously awaiting the return of Christ, but we will not shrink from His own charge to prepare, equip and commission disciples into the world. We certainly see the Christian foundation eroding, but we also see very clearly the mission of Florida Bible College. It is our privilege to shape our students into living witnesses to the power of God in the lives of obedient believers. We believe that as students go deeper into the Word, they will go wider for the Lord.

The Creative Ministry of Florida Bible College

We worship The Creator of the Universe, and we were created in His Image.

Mankind was created to be creative, and when that innate human creativity is directed by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, it spawns creativity with a divine purpose. Now envision all of that natural creativity, inspired by the Holy Spirit, being placed in the charge of an institution dedicated to mentoring and tooling the spiritual development of the next generation of God’s servant leaders.

Your Role in the Ministry of Florida Bible College

Obviously, not everybody is able to attend a Bible college. This letter you are holding is not a student recruitment letter. Signing up students to be trained is the easy part. This letter is a direct appeal to the life-veterans and sponsors in the body of Christ to catch a clear vision of the spiritual future of our world, and move in personally, using their God given talents to meet that need head-on.

Ephesians 6:12 defines this spiritual offensive very clearly: “we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and evil spirits in the heavenly places.”

Even a casual glimpse at this world, will reveal the collapsing Christian values and the spiritual numbness in the world today. We challenge you to look just a decade down the road and imagine the spiritual condition of this world in 2024. It’s not a pretty forecast.

In the Bible, a godly man named Nehemiah was given news of the collapse of the walls around Jerusalem, and that news turned into a vision, which turned into a personal mission. The vision did not just concern him, it caused him to act in a purposeful and profound way. He determined that it was his mission to see that those walls were repaired. He appealed to the King for help in accomplishing that monumental task. The task took years, finances, and influence. But because Nehemiah accepted that need as his personal responsibility, his personal calling, those walls around Jerusalem were rebuilt.

Not everybody can, or should, answer this call. History shows that only a handful of people in any cause ever rise up and personally take the charge of responsibility. This letter is an appeal to the handful of believers who should, who can, and who will, join this movement to prepare the next generation of Servant Leaders.

Every believer in Christ has been designed to play at least one specific part in God’s Master Plan during his lifetime. The parable of the talents reveals that He gives some of his servants multiple talents. Your talents were designed by God long before your body was formed in your mother’s womb. And they were intended to be used at specific times in your life.

If you are one of the many believers who have achieved many of your personal and financial goals but still feel an emptiness in your life, perhaps you have not yet discovered or recognized the spiritual purpose for your multiple talents. Your imagination imagines, your mind sets goals and your will works very hard to meet those goals;   but your soul, the personal, rational real you can only be completely fulfilled when you put God’s big picture into clear focus in your life. Ask Him about the divine purpose(s) for which He brought you into this world. Could this be one of the assignments God has purposed for you?

If God is directing you to get involved financially, He will make that abundantly clear to you personally. God has revealed to our board His desire for us to re-ignite the torch of Florida Bible College, and we have accepted this calling. Many sacrifices will continue to be made by those of us to whom God has delivered this vision. Significant resources will be required to fulfill this vision. Preparing and equipping the best trained, and best-prepared servants for His ministry will require substantial funding.

Our Savior, our Lord, our King deserves the very best qualified and effective teachers and instructors for this school, and we know that He has prepared them for this purpose. The payroll for this talent, physical facilities and resources will be significant. We are confident that the Lord will supply both the talent and the funding to prepare tomorrow’s spiritual leaders.

If you are one of the handful of individuals that God has prepared to contribute to this critical ministry, please contact us immediately.


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